Design Tip – Decorating like a Pro!

Want your home to look like an interior designer designed it, but without the expense of hiring an Interior Designer?

Here are a few tips from “Freshome”:

*Use Pinterest to your advantage; search the many home designs and styles to find one to fit your style. Also Houzz can be beneficial while looking for ideas.

*Choose a Color Scheme – Choose a mix of 3 colors or shades.  One color will be the “main” this would be the wall color, the second color for large accents, and the third make a color that “pops” in small accents. The 3 colors could be the same color just in a variety of shades.

*Add a little texture – Think about pillows, draperies, baskets, throws, wall art and more. 

*Statement Furniture – Select a large sofa or furniture piece and base the rest of the room layout upon this piece.  Be sure not to put too many small pieces in the room this will make the room feel cluttered and your eye will not know where to look.

*Use Baskets, Trays, & Bowls – gives everything a home, while also creating layers.

*Flowers! – Floral arrangements or live plants add a final touch to your home.

These tips work together to create a warm, well designed home, adding textures, color, statement furniture & elements of nature to your home!

“Freshome” Design and Architecture Magazine has a great article entitled “How to Make Your Home Look Like You Hired an Interior Designer”, visit their website to view the full article, but it is summarized above.