So how can you get all those features without taking space from your home? Check out the Flex Room Options to meet YOUR Lifestyle.



  1. The Back Kitchen - The kitchen is where we entertain so the Back Kitchen is where the counter clutter goes (coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc.) Also cooking prep before and clean up after. Second freezer space for freezer or additional refrigerator since we never have enough storage for beverages.
  2. Power Pantry - How we shop today is in bulk. Power Pantry provides bulk storage and can reduce the need for kitchen overheads, allowing the kitchen to be more streamlined and contemporary. 
  3. Welcome Home Valet - Entry into your home should be an inviting event. The Welcome Home Valet says - “Welcome home it’s time to kick back and relax”. This area provides a location to store you personal belongings (coat, purse, back-pack, shoes, cell phone, keys, etc). After a stressful day from work or school no one wants to enter past a stack of dirty laundry.
  4. Connect Laundry - Let’s put the laundry where it makes the most sense; connected to the master closet and close to secondary bedrooms. Shorten the chores by taking clothes directly from the dryer to the closet or removing the wrinkles from that shirt for an evening event.