Pennwest Homes was launched in 2005, bringing together the latest home-building technologies, a dedicated management team, and an experienced builder network. Innovative designs, and the ability to customize your home, provide our homeowners an affordable way to build a quality modular home.

While other homebuilders offer features in their homes as options, Pennwest includes them as standards. This ultimately saves the customers money.

Some of the features you will find standard in the Pennwest home are:

  • Hardwood molding package
  • Forced air heating system installed
  • Unique kitchen designs with staggered overhead cabinets and a bump-out at the kitchen sink
  • Plumbing lines and water lines installed
  • Taller windows, 12" overhangs, pre-finished door jambs, 30 year architectural shingles

As a system-built home-builder, Pennwest Homes can take advantage of better equipment, a controlled climate, daily quality control, and dedicated, proven craftsmen. Our craftsmen build homes both by hand and with sophisticated tools, precision jigs, and the latest technology - much of which is not available to traditional builder. 

By building a home 'inside' rather than 'outside,' Pennwest can help eliminate climate problems, an especially important issue in the Northeast. Pennwest can build consistently, year-round, without delays caused by weather issues. By building our homes inside, Pennwest can also avoid many other climate-related lumber and material issues. By reducing delays in construction, our homeowners can move into their home faster.

Quality is a key reason why people buy Pennwest homes. A dedicated quality control team inspects homes daily throughout the construction process. All of our homes are built to state and local building codes. Independent third-party inspection agencies provide another level of quality control, inspecting and approving our homes while they are being built.

As an affiliate of The Commodore Corporation, Pennwest Homes can draw upon the buying power of one of the largest homebuilders in the northeast, mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. Privately-owned and family-managed, The Commodore Corporation has roots from 1952. 


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