Designer Tip #1

Looking for a “quick picker upper” for your home? Of course I always suggest painting an accent wall or two in a home to give it some pop that draws you into a room, but there are some other options also. If your furniture pieces are neutral, add an accent chair in a vivid print to liven up the space. It can give an unexpected splash to a room and make it look young and upbeat. This is the perfect time of the year to splurge on these types of pieces as many retailers have great sales to clear out their inventory and lure customers into their stores. (Color key an accent wall to your piece and bam a fresh new look!)


Adding new towels in baths and kitchens can also be a quick way to spruce up a room without breaking the bank. January is traditionally the month that stores offer “white sales” with the lowest prices on all linens and accessories. Evaluate what you have on the walls & counters and pick up some home accessory items and even wall pieces to give your home an update.


Consider using some of the new transfer stencils to give a room a boost. One of my favorites is a “family tree” stencil that allows space for framed family pictures. Use inexpensive frames to “fill in” the spaces to create the true look of a family home.                         


Debbie Stutsman

 Director of Design