Design Tip – Multi-Generational Living

Multi-generational living, it is a phrase we are hearing more frequently. Accoreding to a Pew Research Center study based on the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data, 51 million Americans, or 16/7% of the population, live in a house with at least two adult generations, or a grandparent and at least one other generation, under one roof. And there are strong indications that mutli-generational living is on the rise. Young adults who have moved back in with their parents are paying rent and helping with expenses. Grandparents are moving in with their children, providing in some cases, built-in child care, or elder care while adding peace of mind knowing a loved one is cared for by family. 


We offer several floor plans that are adaptable to a multi-genreational family situation to create a private living space for the additional family member. Keep in mind we also offer “Universal Lifestyle Options, for accessible living”, such as wider door openings, grab bars for bathrooms, and raised toilets to provide continued independence for aging family memebers.